Randy Roper's very own women in nude bondage

What "dress code"..? They're all tied up Fully Nude!

Dear Rope Restraint Cogniscenti, you have come to The Place where Classy Ladies willingly get their Submissive Fantasies Fulfilled.

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Denise - Blessed in 4th Month

Claudia - Blonde & Blue Eyed

Lili - Classy Lassie Lassoed

Anyone can easily see that most bondage sites take the very easy way out, just offering their members pics of fully or partially clothed ladies, occasionally stripped down to lingerie, or, (wow..!) topless. Then...what..?

Hey, that's like trying to enjoy a tasty piece of your fave chewing gum - but having to keep the cellophane wrapping on... :(

In My Humble Opinion that's pure waste of money and time..! :)

Well, contrary to that sort of scam, this is My Place. My models all willingly agree to pose fully nude, also to be tied up. Why do they do it? Because I pay good model fees, I offer them a safe & friendly working environment - and I fulfill many a model's submissive female fantasies.

There are lots of "bondage sites" out there, but pls be advised:

this is a one-kinda-place, found nowhere else!

Thanks for your time, reading my thoughts, on this. Hope to see you in my Member's Area.


I was voted 2nd best Rigger in Tied Women Awards

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